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    Dear Edith

    Dear Edith Response #3 – Catherine

    Dear Edith finding meaning as a SAHM --

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    Dear Annemarie,

    I felt a little envious when I first read of your plight to be quite honest.

    Studying and working, newly married (TEN months before baby born), sick as a dog and incredibly busy, I was in denial about the realities for a good part of my first pregnancy. I winged it completely, cried at the birthing classes, couldn’t do the breathing, ran out of the birth video in horror.

    With the hindsight of 25 years and 5 children, what would I do differently?

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    Dear Edith

    Dear Edith Response #2 – A mom who remembers

    Finding Meaning as a SAHM --

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    Dear Annemarie,

    I, too, experienced health complications as a young wife and mother to be. Due to my health, I could no longer fulfill my duties at work. I remember going through a stage of trying to be the Proverbs 31 woman and the perfect housewife.

    I soon found, however, that I was very bored. And anxious. And ashamed of myself for being “just a housewife.”
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    Modern Catholic Women, Other Resources

    3 good reasons Catholics should be feminists

    3 good reasons for Catholics to be feminists --

    If you’ve heard that being a feminist is anti-Catholic, think again.

    In today’s world, being a Catholic can be controversial. Especially when it comes to women’s rights.

    Feminism has a history of advocating for things that the Catholic Church contends with, whether it be outright support of abortion, or just the connotation that mothering isn’t valuable work.

    So it’s not uncommon for a Catholic to cringe at the word “feminist.”

    But in 1995, St. Pope John Paul II actually issued a call for women to rise up in the name of feminism – a call for a “new feminism.”

    And if feminism is good enough for a Pope who’s also now a canonized saint, well, it’s good enough for me.

    Here’s three good reasons Catholics should be proud to sport the (new) feminist label:

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    Dear Edith

    Dear Edith: I’m not maternal

    Dear Edith Question I'm not maternal --

    Dear Edith,

    I recently re-verted to my faith, and am struggling because I feel like every single thing I read about women in Catholicism has to do with motherhood.

    I love my mom friends, and they are awesome, but I’m single right now, and not sure I even ever want to have kids.

    Honestly, I’m just not very maternal. A lot of my friends just love babies, and are great with them. I think babies are cute, but personally, I just don’t have this longing to be a mom that some of my friends have.

    Which is good, because I really don’t know if I’m patient enough to deal with little kids day in and day out.

    I’ve not one of these girls that daydreams about decorating a nursery or being pregnant.

    I have a Masters and a job I love and I feel like the Church should focus more on all the things women can do in the world, and how they can be leaders.

    And isn’t that what feminism is supposed to be about, anyway? Celebrating women for more than just making babies?

    — Anonymous

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    Modern Catholic Women

    Different isn’t a Dirty Word: A response to the Google memo

    Difference is not a dirty word: Catholic feminist response to the Google memo --

    When I first read the “anti-diversity” memo from a (now former) Google employee, I just tweeted a little and wanted to move on. However, as a female in a STEM field, I’ve been feeling pulled to talk about it.

    I was actually ⅔ of the way done writing a defense of the memo (while acknowledging some of the flaws), but it just didn’t feel like the right direction. There are plenty of arguments on both sides – either claiming it is a hugely sexist piece, or people praising him as a martyr for conservative thought – neither of which is really an accurate analysis.

    I don’t want to talk about the pros and cons of his memo in this post (although we can certainly discuss it if you’d like). Instead, I want to discuss an aspect of the memo that triggered a lot of outrage: the idea that men and women are different.

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    Dear Edith

    Dear Edith Response #1 – Amy

    Finding Meaning as a SAHM:

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    Dear Annemarie,

    I totally understand how you feel.

    I always saw myself as the “working woman” and figured I’d follow in my mom’s footsteps. She worked full time my whole life, attended all the school things, and was/is a great mother. I never felt as if she didn’t love me or my siblings.

    When my first baby came along, I was fresh out of college and I felt my talents and gifts were wasting away. I struggled so much with staying home, yet I felt guilty for feeling that way.

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