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4 Essential Podcasts for Catholic Feminists

4 Essential Podcasts for Catholic Feminists --

1. The Catholic Feminist podcast

Hosted by millennial Claire Swinarski, this weekly podcast features strong Catholic women on topics ranging from refugees, to eating disorders, to women’s rights. It’s like having a coffee date with your new best friend who has all the best connections and insights. (She’s even interviewed Audrey Assad!) Be “inspired, informed, and intentional” and definitely hit ‘Subscribe’ on this one.

Don’t miss these episodes:

  • How Women Can and Should Utilize Leadership Skills
  • How To Talk About Politics On Social Media Without Losing Your Friends Or Your Soul
  • How Catholics Should Respond to the Refugee Crisis

Find The Catholic Feminist Podcast on the website or iTunes.

2. The Jennifer Fulwiler Show

A sassy former atheist, Jen is passionate about women’s issues and finds a way to include them in just about every episode. Her commentary is boldly Catholic and deeply insightful, with a perspective you’re not likely to hear anywhere else.After a few episodes, this one is guaranteed to become one of your regular podcasts.

Don’t miss these episodes:

  • Interview with New Wave Feminists, the prolife feminist group dis-invited from The Women’s March (episode 1/20/17)
  • How to talk to strangers, helicopter parenting, and spiritual lessons from Taylor Swift (episode 9/22/2016)
  • Why Christian women’s events drive Jen crazy (and her friend Leticia who has spiritual insights on the Kardashians!) (episode 9/7/2016)

Find The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on the website or iTunes.

3. Christian Feminism Weekly

Although not specifically Catholic, this podcast addresses feminist topics with Bible-based perspectives that you’ll want to have in your back pocket. Co-hosts Ashley and Charlie are sweet but strong, and often share personal stories to amplify the importance of feminism within Christianity.  Add this one to your playlist and you’ll never read the Bible the same way again.

Don’t miss these episodes:

  • An Egalitarian Perspective on Mary and Joseph
  • Helpmeet: I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means
  • Becoming a More Confident Woman

Find Christian Feminism Weekly on the website or iTunes.

4. Among Women

Now on its 7th year, ‘Among Women’ is still going strong in its mission for “faith sharing, teaching, and conversation woman to woman.” Host Pat Gohn interviews numerous Catholic women leaders, and serves as the ultimate female spiritual director and teacher on everything from the latest Catholic books for women to the feasts of little known female saints. Soon you won’t be able to go without her soothing voice and maternal wisdom.

Don’t miss these episodes: 

  • 180: Working Women, Leadership, and the Devotional Life
  • 191: Jenny’s IVF Story
  • 188: Mary’s Spiritual Motherhood and Ours
  • 213: Prayer is a personal encounter with Jesus

Find Among Women on the website or iTunes.

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