Where Catholicism + Feminism meet.

Catholic women need a forum where they can learn, grow, and struggle with their Catholic faith, alongside a community of other Catholic women. They need to know that it is okay to acknowledge that Church teachings can be challenging, but that it is worth exploring, and to see and hear stories from other women who once struggled with the same things. They need a central place where they can find relevant information for their journeys in faith, and where they can explore different Catholic perspectives on the same teaching.

Women have a significant part to play in the Church; we are the heart of the Church, and the Church truly needs us – now. She needs us to understand our role as women in the Church, and in our own lives. The Church starving for feminine gifts – for a more personal feel, more community, more connection in our parishes and beyond. Catholics are starving for spiritual nourishment and encouragement, and for permission to be vulnerable. The Church and Her women need to come together and explore what it means not only to be a Catholic, but to be specifically Catholic women – so that they can become their most authentic selves, more perfectly fill their vocations, and rejuvenate the Church through the feminine gifts She desperately needs.


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FemCatholic was chosen as an Action Plan for the 2016 GIVEN Forum.