Behind the Scenes


Wondering who’s behind the scenes here at FemCatholic?

That’s me!

My name is Samantha Povlock, and I’ve got a heart bleeding for women. 

I’ve always considered myself a “feminist,” although my understanding of what that means has evolved over the years – often through being challenged.

I believe women are incredibly diverse, and I have seen that in my own family, friends, co-workers, and even just on social media. 

I also believe women share the common thread of being women

and that the Truth of our Catholic faith can help us understand what that means. 

Every woman has a story that shapes her and the kind of woman she is, and who she is called to be.

For me, it’s that I’m married, and the mom of one little boy.  I went to Notre Dame, where I earned degrees in both Theology and Business. Currently, I work in downtown Chicago in consulting.

On FemCatholic, I want to educate, encourage, and empower women to embrace our authentic selves – including our womanhood.


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