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We want to be a platform for the voices of Catholic women. But we need your help.

We are seeking submissions on the following topics:

Dear Edith

Our monthly Q&A Column for Catholic women, written by Catholic women. Both questions and responses are accepted. More details on the Dear Edith page.

Current Events – Catholic Feminist Commentary

Have a Catholic feminist perspective on current events? Give us some background and your thoughts on the subject as a Catholic feminist.


What resources have deepened your faith and understanding of Catholic women’s issues or what it means to be a woman in light of our faith?
Videos, book reviews, church documents, artwork – reflections on all accepted.
Please include a summary of the piece, and comments around how it has caused you to grow.

Modern Catholic Women

Know a Catholic woman (of any level of fame) who inspires you in your faith? Interview her or submit a reflection on her impact in your life. If appropriate, we encourage discussion around the areas where this woman has struggled in her faith as well, and how she has grown through those challenges.


Share a reflection on your relationship with Mary, including how it has grown over the years and how she has helped you grow in your Catholic faith. We welcome and encourage submissions that reflect on challenges relating to Mary.


Which female saints have inspired you as a Catholic woman? Tell her story and yours, and how she has impacted your life and faith.


Have something else in mind? Let us know!


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