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Apply by Aug. 31 to be a FemCatholic Contributor

Where Feminism + Catholicism Meet.

Imagine a think tank for Catholicism + Feminism.

It’s here. 

Hi ladies,

You know that Catholic friend of yours who won’t stop talking about women’s empowerment?

I need her.

Or maybe, that strong woman is you.

Can you stay awhile? Let’s chat.

I started FemCatholic because I believe Catholic women need a forum where they can learn, grow, and struggle with their Catholic faith, alongside a community of other Catholic women. They need to know that it is okay to acknowledge that Church teachings can be challenging, but that it is worth exploring, and to see and hear stories from other women who once struggled with the same things. They need a central place where they can find relevant information for their journeys in faith, and where they can explore different Catholic perspectives on the same teaching.

Women have a irreplaceable part to play in the Church; we are the heart of the Church, and the Church truly needs us – now. She needs us to understand our role as women in the Church, and in our own lives.

The Church starving for feminine gifts – for a more personal feel, more community, more connection in our parishes and beyond. Catholics are starving for spiritual nourishment and encouragement, and for permission to be vulnerable.

The Church and Her women need to come together and explore what it means not only to be a Catholic, but to be specifically Catholic women – so that they can become their most authentic selves, more perfectly fill their vocations, and rejuvenate the Church through the feminine gifts She desperately needs.

The recent Popes have called for a deeper Theology of Woman, which is awesome. Some incredible women have already starting writing and speaking on these topics, too, and we need to discuss and share their work. We also need to work through the grey areas – the area in between “Church teaching” and “real life.”

I can’t do this alone.

FemCatholic will continue to take Submissions, but I want to expand with 5-10 Contributing Writers as well.

Join me? 🙂

— Samantha


What will being a FemCatholic Contributor involve?

  • Writing 1 post / month for FemCatholic
  • Joining the private Contributor Community Facebook group
    • Weekly participation in topic brainstorming – to develop the most insightful and relevant content and insights
    • Supporting fellow Contributor’s work through constructive commentary on draft posts
    • Knowledge sharing: everything from topic resources to comments you’ve been hearing from women in your community
    • (Basically we’re going to share all things Catholicism + feminism and chat about them. heck yeah.)
  • 1 year commitment: 9/1/2017 – 9/1/2018

The types of things we’ll discuss and write about:

  • What does it mean to be a “woman,” and what insight does our faith offer?
  • What books, talks, or saintly role models you recommend to help women learn about themselves and the faith?
  • How do we cultivate feminine strengths and gifts?
  • How can we enhance women’s involvement and leadership to benefit the Church?
  • What are Catholic women struggling with, and how can we come together to offer advice?
  • What do Church documents actually say about women?
  • How can we reconcile Church teachings with the hard realities of women’s lives?
  • What does it look like to bring Catholic feminism to the workplace, the home, and to larger society?

Already have a blog?

That’s great! You can re-post your work on your blog, but to keep the conversation in one place, I ask that you only post a paragraph or two and then direct readers back to FemCatholic.

I’ll also send you this awesome badge to add to your blog:

That’s it! Now what are you waiting for?

Apply by Aug. 31 to be a FemCatholic Contributor here.


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