Dear Edith

Dear Edith: I Don’t Relate to Mary

Dear Edith,

I have a confession: I don’t ‘get’ Mary. Most of the time I feel like I don’t relate to her at all. Honestly, sometimes I don’t even really like her.

I was raised Catholic, so I know Mary is essential to the faith. But all the things we honor her for – her virginity, humility, being quiet and meek – honestly sound like a pretty archaic and oppressive definition of women. But this is the Catholic Church’s “ideal woman.” How as a real-life modern woman am I supposed to relate to her  at all?? I try but she just seems so out of reach.

I know she was human, but she was also perfect. I can never live up to that! I feel like she’s that girl who’s so perfect that… you just kind-of despise her sometimes. (Am I a terrible Catholic??)


— Anonymous

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