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Dear Edith: Is Being Single a Vocation?

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Dear Edith,

Is being single an actual “vocation” or not? I’ve heard conflicting opinions from reputable sources on both sides.

And if it is, then how can it be used as a “gift”?

Even if it isn’t meant to be a calling, clearly we must all be single for some time at some point. So, how does one make the best of it, with out obsessing about “finding a man”, or getting married?


(Note: I have listened to Bld. Pier Giorgio’s biography, so I garnered some hope and insight there. He died at a fairly young age, however, so to argue that “singleness” was his vocation might be faulty?)

Jessica is a single 28 year old Catholic woman who’s fed up with the way the world’s dating system works. Or doesn’t work.

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