Dear Edith

Dear Edith Response #2 – Image of Mary

Dear Edith Response 2 Image of Mary.

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Hello! Thank you so much for verbalizing what so many of us feel, and don’t worry- this doesn’t make you a terrible Catholic at all! I know that for so long, I have found it so hard to relate to Mary, and even just to approach her in prayer. You hit on a core problem that I am sure many of us encounter in our growth in being Catholic.

When I read your question, I began to ask myself the same thing. I can honestly say it has only been about a year since I have been able to be comfortable going to Mary and actually seeing her as someone I can relate to. And one thing that changed it for me was praying on very human aspects of her as well.Mary was born without sin, but there are many other aspects in which she is so very similar to us. And actually, I have found reflecting on her emotions and responses to certain events to really help me with this. In particular, I found praying with art to help with this.

In particular, I found praying with art to help with this.

Below is an image of Mary that really makes her seem so very real to me. In this image, she is expressing a lot of fear that she felt at the Annunciation, along with many other emotions. She was young, and probably could have preferred the Annunciation to happen at some other time in her life. She probably thought, “What would Joseph think?” Many responses and emotions were a reaction to such a proposition at the Annunciation, along with other big moments in her life.

I like to pray and reflect on these emotions that Mary had that I relate to in such pieces of artwork, as I feel they help me to see her as more human. I hope this helps!

“Annunciation” by Henry Ossawa Tanner, via Wikimedia Commons

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