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Dear Edith Response #2 – A mom who remembers

Finding Meaning as a SAHM --

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Dear Annemarie,

I, too, experienced health complications as a young wife and mother to be. Due to my health, I could no longer fulfill my duties at work. I remember going through a stage of trying to be the Proverbs 31 woman and the perfect housewife.

I soon found, however, that I was very bored. And anxious. And ashamed of myself for being “just a housewife.”
One day I was driving home from an appointment when I decided to take a different route home. I noticed an old home with a sign that intrigued me. “Free pregnancy tests.”

For some reason, I walked in and asked if they needed volunteers. That afternoon I spoke with the center director and started volunteer training at a local pregnancy resource center. I volunteered 4 days a week, keeping me busy, serving others, and establishing lasting friendships.

This time does not have to be a waiting period.

This time does not have to be a waiting period. This can be time to develop your faith and to serve others, even if it may be a bit uncomfortable at times. A great place to start is to call your parish. Many churches have pro-life committees, groups whom provide meals for the sick or bereaved, choirs, food pantries, etc. If there is no immediate need at your parish, offer to lead a Rosary circle or even to transport elderly parishioners to and from daily Mass.

Serving others can fulfill the desire to be useful and help you grow in your blossoming maternal role.

Prayers and blessings,
A mom who remembers

This author would like to remain anonymous. 

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