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Dear Edith Response #3 – Kyla

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Hi Carey,

First, I would like to say I was totally with you in the fact that I had no idea what women wearing chapel veils was about, or that anyone was even still wearing them! When I decided to start wearing a chapel veil for Lent, to work on humility and concentration during mass, my super liberal (as am I) parents were almost appalled. “Why would you want to wear a symbol of the church’s oppression of women?!” They asked me. Well, here was my reply to them.

In the words of the lovely Emma Watson – Feminism is a choice. The fact that I can CHOOSE to wear a chapel veil is the power of feminism, and if I choose to wear one it makes me no less a strong woman than those who choose not to. There is also a quote from St. Paul about women veiling themselves in the sight of the Lord in dignity, whereas men bare their heads in the same sign of respect. If you think about it, men still show that sign of dignity – how many men do you see removing their hats for mass? Indeed, if a man did NOT remove his hat for mass I myself would be a bit miffed.

Fr. Mike (a cool Catholic Priest and Youtube sensation) did a Q&A about Chapel veils that I feel explains what they are, why they are worn, and the history behind them.

One of my favorite parts is when he describes it as sacramental, the same way a rosary or a scapular is. Its a tool for us to explore our faith! It’s not required or necessary, but it could add a component to your prayer life, depending on your gifts and charisms.

It’s not required or necessary, but it could add a component to your prayer life, depending on your gifts and charisms.

Overall, it has been a huge learning opportunity for me to wear a veil at church. It’s definitely uncomfortable in a English mass – what is everyone around me thinking?! But that’s part of the point of my choosing to wear it – it shouldn’t matter what other people think. I DO find myself focusing more when I wear it, and this is for God, not for anyone else’s opinion or view of me. Not sure that I will continue to wear it regularly after Lent, but I do appreciate the fact that I’ve taken time to learn and experience what a chapel veil can do for my relationship with God.

Hope this helps!

Kyla is a young liberal Catholic always looking to dive deeper into her faith and learn more about what it means to be a Catholic in today’s world.

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