Dear Edith

Dear Edith: Veiling in Church

Dear Edith,

Reading the Bible as a Catholic and a Feminist, I have long been confused by St. Paul’s straightforward command that women should wear head coverings in church. I would think that this teaching perhaps had relevance to the culture at the time and is now obsolete, but I know millions of Catholic women still wear head coverings. I don’t understand the purpose and it troubles me that women and girls cover themselves when there is no expectation that men and boys do so. I would never do this myself or ask it of my future daughters, but I would love to understand more about the application of this teaching in the modern church. Thank you!
– Carey Helmick

Carey Helmick joined the church last Easter. She’s a brand new blogger at where she writes about parenting and making the world better for babies. She and her husband Kyle have a 4.5 month old named Rory. 

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