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Real Issues Catholic Women Face: This is the toolkit for you

Real life catholic women podcast book nfp contraception birth control

Are you bored of Catholic resources talking about the feminine genius

… but only in terms of women getting pregnant?

Are you frustrated with hearing people talk about chastity and NFP

…as if it’s blissful and full of frolicking fun?

Are you ready to have real talk about issues catholic women face?


This toolkit is for you:

1. Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak for Themselves

This is one of my all-time favorite books. If you took 95% of the “hot topics” for women in the Catholic Church, and had thoughtful, talented women write about their experiences and advice – you would end up with this book. It’s real women, discussing real topics, in light of our very real faith.

It covers everything from fear of having children to being Catholic in light of the sexual abuse scandals. The best part? It’s not a “reminder – this is Church teaching” kind of book (the way far too many Catholic books are). In true form of the authentic feminine genius, these essays speak to the heart, and the intellect. You will walk away equipped with a thoughtful and defensible perspective on issues we all encounter nearly every day. 

Add it to your list or cart here.

2. Among the Lilies Podcast

Designed specifically for ladies who are “tired of pretending and ready to be real,” this podcast is a breath of fresh air in conversations for Catholic women. Host Cameron Fradd has a gift for being authentic and relatable. Her guests range from famous (Jennifer Fulwiler and Leah Darrow) to less so (Cam’s realtor!), but the conversations are always incredibly insightful.

Whether you are living with infertility, single, a working mom, or just a woman ready to stop pretending and start living — there is an episode for you, and this podcast will help you feel less alone and so much more “normal.”

A recent favorite of mine was Cam’s discussion with her friend Charity on the temptation to judge those other kinds of Catholics – you know – the ones with only one kid, or who the ones who like to go to Latin Mass. Check it out 😉

So, as Cam says, “grab a coffee—or a vodka (this is a judge-free zone)—sit back, relax, and listen to some beautifully raw and inspiring conversations.”

Start listening on iTunes or online.

3. The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning

There’s a certain Catholic rite of passage in hearing “bad NFP talks.”  Or maybe you’ve heard a lot of good ones — good for you! But far too many Catholics have gotten the watered down “happily-ever-after” version – probably featuring a cover with a smiling blonde couple running down a hill together (I think I have this exact one).

What makes these NFP talks so bad? They make NFP sound so easy – so easy and beneficial that why wouldn’t you do it? And the Church says so.

The problem is, in a well-meaning effort to share NFP, often its challenges – and the very real sanctifying formation that it prompts – is ignored altogether. Some couples may sense that “this just isn’t realistic,” while others pursue NFP only to feel betrayed or ashamed when they encounter the real life demands of this method.

Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it’s not good, or true, or beautiful though. We just need someone brave enough to have “real talk” about life with NFP can look like. That someone is sassy and fearlessly honest Simcha Fisher. Whether you’re in the thick of married life with NFP, or single and trying to understand Church teaching better, do yourself a favor and add this easy read to your bookshelf.

Add it to your list or cart here.

Have other favorites or requests for “real-life” resources? 

Email me!

Samantha Povlock is the Founder of FemCatholic. You can learn more about her here.

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    I absolutely LOVE The Sinner’s Guide to NFP (and I love Simcha Fisher)! I’ll have to check out the Among the Lilies podcast–thanks for the great suggestions, Sam!

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