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Seeking the Truth about Womanhood

If I had been a woman in the 50s, I think I would have been considered a failure.”

What does it mean to be a “woman” ?

Depending on who you ask, you’ll probably get a number of different answers.

In this talk, Lisa explains how the nature of womanhood is not bound to the stereotypes of any one decade, time period, culture, or geographic location. Only an eternal perspective can give insight into what it really means to be woman.

This talk is one of my favorites, because Lisa has this incredible way of giving really tangible examples for each of her points.

She explores the meaning of the feminine genius, and the power behind the emotional life. Through specific examples of different women saints, including Mary, she reflects on the many variations of feminine intuition and its power.

For any woman who’s ever questioned whether woman is “second” to man because she is described as man’s “helper” – this talk dives into that, too.

Be challenged, encouraged, and enlightened on how to tap into the depth of your own strength as a woman.

Samantha Povlock is the founder of You can learn more about her here


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