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    Dear Edith

    Trusting Men Response #1 – Amy

    Dear Edith Trusting Men Response #1 Amy

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    Dear Anonymous,

    The easy part of your question to answer is: Yes, he was cheating on God, too. Cheating in the sense that he was sinning against God. So, with that cleared up, let’s carry on.

    I completely and totally understand the not trusting men thing. Whenever someone claims to love you, and then does a very poor job of it, it’s hard to trust. I would imagine you are afraid of investing in another man and getting duped again, which is totally understandable. Here was a guy who to the world appeared the good guy, yet he was living a lie. How in the world is one supposed to tell if they’re a good guy when they a player in angel robes?

    I think your fear is that you don’t trust yourself to not fall for another sucker and waste massive amounts of time. I would encourage you to reflect back on your 8 year relationship with him. Do you in hindsight see actions or behaviors now that could have been red flags? I bet you might be able to pick up a few. Often times, when we are in love or like a person, we ignore red flags, especially if that person “seems” squeaky clean.

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    Modern Catholic Women

    Different isn’t a Dirty Word: A response to the Google memo

    Difference is not a dirty word: Catholic feminist response to the Google memo --

    When I first read the “anti-diversity” memo from a (now former) Google employee, I just tweeted a little and wanted to move on. However, as a female in a STEM field, I’ve been feeling pulled to talk about it.

    I was actually ⅔ of the way done writing a defense of the memo (while acknowledging some of the flaws), but it just didn’t feel like the right direction. There are plenty of arguments on both sides – either claiming it is a hugely sexist piece, or people praising him as a martyr for conservative thought – neither of which is really an accurate analysis.

    I don’t want to talk about the pros and cons of his memo in this post (although we can certainly discuss it if you’d like). Instead, I want to discuss an aspect of the memo that triggered a lot of outrage: the idea that men and women are different.

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    Modern Catholic Women, Other Resources

    NFP is at the Heart of the Feminist Movement for Equality

    NFP is at the heart of the feminist movement for equality

    Fertility Awareness isn’t just about pregnancy and women’s health; it’s about equality.

    It’s Natural Family Planning Awareness week – which means you may see a lot of women promoting NFP because “my body isn’t broken,” “children are a gift,” and “cycles are part of being a woman.”

    Maybe you agree with those things. Maybe you don’t.

    If you’re a feminist, maybe it doesn’t matter; because those arguments are all missing the point.

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    Other Resources

    How to make the most of dating in a secular world when you’re Catholic

    How to make the most of dating in a secular world when you're Catholic.

    Dating is hard. We know this. Throw in expectations for your husband-to-be to subscribe to a very specific Catholic dogma, though, and the spousal needle just got buried in a way bigger haystack.

    The woes of Catholic women wending their way through the frustrating world of modern dating (if it can be called that), where hookup culture is alive and thriving and half of marriages end in divorce, are familiar to all of us. My own personal experiences and the stories my Catholic girlfriends tell me confirm a good man truly is hard to find.

    It’s not impossible though, and every day inspiring Catholic couples join in the sacrament of marriage. Which is great. But it can also make you wonder, “What am I doing wrong?”

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