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    Dear Edith

    Dear Edith: I’m not maternal

    Dear Edith Question I'm not maternal --

    Dear Edith,

    I recently re-verted to my faith, and am struggling because I feel like every single thing I read about women in Catholicism has to do with motherhood.

    I love my mom friends, and they are awesome, but I’m single right now, and not sure I even ever want to have kids.

    Honestly, I’m just not very maternal. A lot of my friends just love babies, and are great with them. I think babies are cute, but personally, I just don’t have this longing to be a mom that some of my friends have.

    Which is good, because I really don’t know if I’m patient enough to deal with little kids day in and day out.

    I’ve not one of these girls that daydreams about decorating a nursery or being pregnant.

    I have a Masters and a job I love and I feel like the Church should focus more on all the things women can do in the world, and how they can be leaders.

    And isn’t that what feminism is supposed to be about, anyway? Celebrating women for more than just making babies?

    — Anonymous

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    Dear Edith

    Dear Edith: Finding Meaning as a SAHM

    FemCatholic Dear Edith Question on finding meaning as a SAHM

    Dear Edith,

    I have a question and a prayer request.

    I just recently stopped working (was let go from a small nonprofit because I missed work during my first trimester with extreme morning sickness) and now I’m at home and I’m struggling with what to do. The first couple of weeks weren’t bad, but now I’m alone during the day, pregnant with our first baby, and trying to understand where God wants me to be. 

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    Church Documents, Resources

    The Vatican Document all about Women

    The Vatican Document All About Women.

    In 1988, Pope John Paul II published the Apostolic Letter Mulieris dignitatem, which means in Latin “On the Dignity and Vocation of Women.”

    Read it from the Vatican here.

    Or get this book version, which includes commentary.

    Some key points and thought-provoking quotes:

    • A woman, Mary, is at the center of human salvation because it was through her that Jesus came into the world
    • In her “fullness of grace” Mary signifies the fullness and perfection of what is feminine

    both man and woman are human beings to an equal degree, both are created in God’s image.”

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