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    Dear Edith

    Dear Edith Response #1 – Anni

    I Don't Relate to Mary: Dear Edith Response from Anni.

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    Not being able to relate to Mary is a common feeling at times… it does not make you a bad Catholic! Especially for those of us who are women, and feel the impression that perhaps we must “be perfect the way Mary was perfect!” I know… because I struggled to I get her in my past. Keep in mind that although the Vatican has approved Marian apparitions since her death and ascension into Heaven, they don’t require any of us to believe in any of the apparitions in order to “be a good Catholic.”

    Throughout my journey of Catholicism, and my study of Mary, I realized she wasn’t as meek as we typically, initially believe. First, the woman agreed to become the mother of God, even though she was not married. She risked her life, to bring the Savior into the world! She had a choice, and she accepted the request made to her.

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