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    10 Ways Physician-Assisted Suicide Targets Women

    10 ways physician assisted suicide targets women --

    As our country considers new legislation on patients’ rights and healthcare, physician-assisted suicide will undoubtedly join the conversation.

    Physician-Assisted Suicide, or PAS, occurs when a doctor provides a patient with the means to commit suicide by prescription medication.

    It’s currently legal in California, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Colorado, Montana, and Washington, DC. 

    This isn’t just an ethical issue, it’s a feminist one.

    Most “right-to-die” legislation includes provisions to protect a patient’s autonomy in this decision — such as minimum age of 18, a terminal diagnosis with six months or less to live, multiple requests for assisted suicide, and a mental evaluation.

    When Montana legalized PAS, it was determined by the State Supreme Court (Baxter v. Montana), which mentioned “competent” and “terminally ill” in its ruling, but failed to define these terms or specify patient protections. With so little regulation, a patient might be more easily pressured into thinking suicide is her best, or only, choice.

    Ethical reservations about PAS include this concern, that external pressures could push patients toward an unwanted suicide.

    And several cultural norms in the United States indicate a woman may experience more external pressure than a man to hasten her own death.

    So this isn’t just an ethical issue, it’s a feminist one. Here are 10 reasons why:

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    3 good reasons Catholics should be feminists

    3 good reasons for Catholics to be feminists --

    If you’ve heard that being a feminist is anti-Catholic, think again.

    In today’s world, being a Catholic can be controversial. Especially when it comes to women’s rights.

    Feminism has a history of advocating for things that the Catholic Church contends with, whether it be outright support of abortion, or just the connotation that mothering isn’t valuable work.

    So it’s not uncommon for a Catholic to cringe at the word “feminist.”

    But in 1995, St. Pope John Paul II actually issued a call for women to rise up in the name of feminism – a call for a “new feminism.”

    And if feminism is good enough for a Pope who’s also now a canonized saint, well, it’s good enough for me.

    Here’s three good reasons Catholics should be proud to sport the (new) feminist label:

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