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These Summer Essentials are Ethical Trade (and absolutely adorable!)

When the weather gets warmer, who doesn’t love refreshing their closet, or picking up a cute new accessory to spice up your home?

You may never have considered where those items are from, but you should. Our friend Claire over at The Catholic Feminist podcast recently chatted with Erin Mackey from Catholic Relief Services all about why ethical trade matters, and the difference you can make by putting your purchasing power to good use.

To get you started, we’ve rounded up these summer essentials – all from CRS vetted shops that are ethical trade!

Shopping never felt so good… 🙂

For your closet:

  1. Gaby flats (+ 10% off coupon!)
  2. Leather Clutch (+ 10% off coupon!)
  3. Knotted Cobalt Dress
  4. Love Africa Tank
  5. Mixteco Necklace
  6. Knotted Fringe Necklace
  7. Layered Turquoise Necklace
  8. Silver Swallow Earrings

For your kitchen:

  1. Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Fair Trade Coffee – available in cold brew!
  2. Appetizer Plates
  3. Utensil Holder / Vase
  4. Herb Planter

For your adventures:

  1. Green tote (more colors available)
  2. Overnight bag (more patterns available)
  3. Sport bag (more colors available)
  4. Water bottle

For your home:

  1. Teal Bamboo Baskets
  2. Narela candles
  3. Colored Squares Basket
  4. Bowl candles

For your next gift:

  1. Scarf
  2. Oki candles
  3. Lavender Honeysuckle Body Balm
  4. Wood Tile Wall hooks

Samantha Povlock is the founder of You can learn more about her here.

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