We believe the greatest untapped resource in the world, and in the Church - is women.

Our Mission
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Our 3-part strategy: 


Educate modern women on what the Catholic Church actually teaches, and how women are needed in the Church + the world.

Our speakers and writers reflect on feminism, faith, and women's issues in light of the truth of our faith. We also take submissions so that all women can be part of the conversation.


Encourage women to explore and acknowledge the challenges of being a woman in the Church today, and seek answers in the truth of our faith.

We know life as a Catholic woman can be complicated. So we created the Dear Edith column where women can submit questions, and be answered by fellow women offering a variety of perspectives.


Empower women to know that your Catholic faith is something empowering to you as a modern women - and that you have an irreplaceable role in the world.

We hold conference and local events so you can meet + see examples of strong Catholic women in action.

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