Finally. Sex education for Catholic women.


Sex Education for Catholic women.

For too long, sex ed has been male-focused, warped by purity culture messaging, or entirely nonexistent.

Whether you are married or single, you can learn from our curated experts on a wide range of topics that are female-focused AND Catholic.

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Rachel Killackey debunks common myths about female pleasure in Catholic culture and offers profound theological insights from the saints into the inherent beauty of female pleasure.

Explore the foundations of a healthy sex life, Catholic teaching on sexual pleasure, and ways to identify and communicate your sexual needs to your spouse from Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Regina Boyd.

Learn from Dr. Julia Sadusky (PsyD) about what creates sexual shame, how to begin the healing process, and then identifying your sexual scripts or expectations and how doing so can create a healthier relationship with sex.

Learn the anatomy and role of the pelvic floor, the three multifaceted factors that contribute to pelvic pain, and Dr. Jurschak's approach to treatment and healing.

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You may be thinking,
"Are these courses for me?"

You asked. We listened.
Over the years, we have heard the ins and outs of struggles from a wide range of Catholic women:


Some of you are struggling in marriage

"My husband and I are struggling with sex and I feel alone, like everyone else knows what they're doing and there's something wrong with us."


Some of you are struggling in dating

"I have so much trouble expressing my needs / boundaries for physical intimacy, in part due to some vague Catholic Sex education. I want to change that and be equipped with a better understanding of my own body and my own needs and expectations."


And some of you just want better, pro-woman information

"I feel like I have very basic education on it all and would like to be better informed."

"I would love to hear more about sex from a female-centered, Catholic perspective. Does this even exist?"

Our goal is simple yet powerful:
to provide a female-centered and values-based approach to sex and relationships.

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Some courses you can expect in the coming weeks:

Foundations of Female Arousal & Desire

An Introduction to the Science Behind NFP (Natural Family Planning)

Gynecology 101:
Female Anatomy
& Common Disorders

Low Libido

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