Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

We live in a world that increasingly runs on data. Data impacts where snow gets cleared and where it doesn't; data informs recommendations for physical laborers about how to lift things; data is the basis for determining what "one size" supposedly fits all, what amount of drugs to give someone for an ailment, and so much more. In our book pick this month, Caroline Criado Perez explains how all these decisions are made based on data that prioritizes men's interests or male bodies. This leaves women at a distinct, and sometimes deadly, disadvantage as they try to navigate a world made for men. ‍Criado Perez's book provides a secular analysis of the problem mentioned in the vatican document Fratelli Tutti (section 23): "the organization of societies worldwide is still far from reflecting clearly that women possess the same dignity and identical rights as men." In our book club, we will work together to answer questions such as, "Where do these assumptions come from?", "Where does that leave women?", and "How can we work to uphold women's dignity and rights in the face of biased data?"

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