Personal Growth in 2022: FemCatholic’s Resolutions in the New Year

December 29, 2021

After the unexpected whirlwinds of 2020 and 2021, we’re trying to enter 2022 without expectations, but with hope. Here are our takes on resolutions for 2022, plus some suggestions if you’re hoping to grow personally in the new year:

Executive Team

Samantha Povlock

Founder, CEO, and Editor in Chief

My Resolution

My resolution this year is to put my phone down in the evening while I’m with my family, and be present with them. Life is so busy and as I’ve begun to do more and more on my phone with different apps, it’s easy to want to stay “productive” all the time. But ordering groceries while we’re watching a family movie, or checking email when I’m playing with my kids, are things I know ultimately make me less effective and significantly less present with the people I care about most. Life is too short to let myself be distracted from them. 

My Suggestion

Reconnect with yourself this year by noticing when you feel most you - clearheaded, calm, connected. Then lean into those activities, places, and relationships. It’s so easy to get distracted on a daily basis and not invest in the parts of life that make life meaningful. Notice what brings you joy and follow that. In my experience God speaks to us there - in peace and calm but also where we find genuine joy. 

Amanda Bambury

Co-Founder, Managing Editor

My Resolution

In the past, I’ve started some new years with resolutions and some without. This year, I’m passing on a new resolution. I find myself in the middle of a particularly challenging time in life, and on most days, maintaining a good, healthy routine takes nearly all of my energy. So, my (not-so-new) resolution is to persevere: to persevere through this time, to resist the temptation to take on more than I should, and to do my best (even if that “best” is disappointing to my type-A self).

In any good fitness routine, we need days when we push ourselves hard and days when we recover. I’m starting to think that the other aspects of our lives need both types of days, too. Not every day or season is a time to lift heavy - literally or figuratively.

My Suggestion

I encourage you to balance self-compassion and self-discipline. Be honest with yourself: Are you in a time in life when you need to pause, stop taking on new things (or even let go of something), and just do your best until a certain difficulty or season passes? Or, do you need a little push to work on an area of improvement that you’ve put off for a while? Is now your time to lift heavy or to recover?

Emily Mentock

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing and Channels

My Resolution

This is going to sound basic but I really want to get in shape! Holiday food and stress caused some weight gain that isn’t the end of the world, but doesn’t leave me feeling great either. Not to mention that end-of-year work craziness eliminated workouts from my weekly schedule. My husband got me a Peloton for Christmas so I’m excited to try that and just get into a routine again! I workout to feel good — physically and mentally — and hopefully building some intentional habits in January will last all year round.

My Suggestion

You don’t need a Peloton or gym membership to workout! There are so many great YouTube channels that offer them for free. My husband likes Yoga with Adriene and I’m a big fan of The Body Coach.

Focus on building a habit of working out more than on weight or size goals. Once you get moving, you won’t regret it!

Section Editors

Sophie-Anne Sachs

Career Section Editor

My Resolution

One of my resolutions for 2022 is to eat more greens! I would love to experiment with yummy recipes that include cooked vegetables and salads. Next year, I’m going to go out of my comfort zone when it comes to cooking and eating. Have ideas? Share recipes with me on Insta @thrivebeyond5.

My Suggestion

Update your career biography! What new skills or projects have you taken on this year? If you’ve had a title change, finished a project, or earned a new certificate, make sure you have an updated biography to either share with your professional network, use as a draft for a cover letter, or just to keep a record of your accomplishments.

Kelly Sankowski

Body Section Editor

My Resolution

2021 was a bear of a year for me, personally. For the first half, I was hunkered down trying to survive morning sickness while writing a thesis, and then in the second half I was navigating a move to a different state, giving birth for the first time, and learning how to take care of a human. All in the middle of a pandemic, of course. So for 2022, I mostly want to slow down and re-introduce things that bring me joy: running, yoga, reading, and playing guitar (poorly). My most concrete goal, though, is to make a friend in my new city!

My Suggestion

Find something you enjoy that involves moving your body and do it for 30 minutes every day. This could be going for a walk, morning or evening yoga, swimming, biking — whatever you most enjoy! Sometimes exercise feels like a chore, but if you find something that makes you happy, it becomes more about self-care and less about guilting yourself into doing something you hate.

Mary Grace Cebrat

Culture Section Editor

My Resolution

I started going to the chiropractor for the first time recently, and one of my goals for 2022 is to keep up with this practice. I initially went for migraine relief, but as I’ve gotten better in touch with my body, I’m finding that I hold tension in places I didn’t even realize. (I wish someone would have told me sooner that stretching my hip flexors would address my period cramps better than most medications I’ve been given!) Going to the chiropractor has been a great experience of holistic self-care; not only do I get a massage and adjustment, I also learn exercises to build my strength and stretch my muscles. My resolution is to keep going regularly, even when I’m not having acute pain, to help me shift my healthcare goals from treating symptoms to holistic wellness. 

My Suggestion

Many of us get most of our news these days from social media, and as we know, it can be an echo chamber, only giving us certain opinions and zeroing in on the most salacious topics. As a resolution, choose one news source that you trust (I’d recommend somewhere near the middle of All Sides Media Bias Chart). Download their app on your phone, bookmark their website on your computer, or sign up for their email newsletter. Or if you’re old-fashioned, you can even subscribe to a print edition! Skim the headlines each day for a broad overview and actually read through an article or two to go beyond a tweet-sized sound bite. Instead of relying on your friends’ Instagram stories to get your news, resolve to become better informed by seeking out quality journalism.

Victoria Mastrangelo

Church Section Editor

My Resolution

Like many people these last two years, I’ve spent more time on my phone. Whether it’s following the constant stream of news, looking for inspiration for writing projects, or simply scrolling for entertainment or escape, it’s becoming more of a crutch than a tool. This year, I’m trying to break that habit and use the time for prayer, reading, or just letting myself be bored. 

My Suggestion

Introduce the Ignatian Examen as part of your day. Take 5 minutes in the middle or end of the day to assess how things are going. What are things you’re thankful for? What are areas that have been difficult? What have been areas of success? Hand all of that over to God, giving gratitude for what has been going well and asking for His guidance and help with what has been difficult. This practice is a great way to reflect on how God is moving in your day and identify the areas where you may want to let Him in. 

If you want a reminder that you can leave on your nightstand or take with you on the go, you can download this free prayer card.

Renée Roden

Sex & Relationships Section Editor

My Resolution

As an Enneagram 2, I have the temptation to be a help machine and ignore my own needs. 

Recently, I was talking with my roommate about accepting our own neediness. American culture values strength and power. We look down on weakness or dependency. So, even when we "help others," we don't challenge that part of ourselves that feels safe in being strong and self-sufficient and feels anxious at the thought of needing help or depending on others. 

In 2022, I'm going to be needy. I'm going to ask for help more and embrace the parts of myself that are weak and need a little extra aid! 

My Suggestion

My favorite New Year's resolution to date: Ask. More. Questions. Questions are small talk super powers. Whenever you're out of conversation, ask a follow-up question. Ask someone how they are, where they're from, what their siblings do. Questions can help diffuse tension. "Why did you say that in your text?" can open up more understanding than "wow, you sounded crabby."Questions place us in a position of relationship rather than control. It may feel unnatural or forced at first, but practice makes perfect.

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