It’s no secret that there’s so much going on in the world right now: unceasing waves of the pandemic, global and domestic political strife, and new natural disasters each week. While it’s important to remain informed and participate in constructive activism, we can become emotionally drained by constantly focusing on tragedies.

Authentic self-care can include exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep. But there’s also space for easier and more accessible forms of self-care, like kicking back on the couch with a good show or movie.

If you need to take a break and rest your heart and mind, here are a few of our recommendations:

Late Night (Amazon Prime)

It’s rare to find a film, much less a comedy, about women navigating life and career. Most comedies targeting women also tend to have a central focus on romantic relationships. Late Night was a refreshing departure from the norm. Staring Mindy Kaling as the first female hire on a late night talk show writers team, this movie had me laughing along while touching on issues of diversity at work, ageism, and female coworking relationships. It’s perfect for a chill evening by yourself, or with friends. 

- Samantha Povlock, Founder, CEO, and Editor in Chief

Poms (Netflix)

Imagine if Pitch Perfect were recreated by a women’s group at a retirement community. Sounds like a potential train wreck, I know, but Poms pulls it off surprisingly well. The film follows a team of misfit old ladies as they fight the bureaucracy to fulfill their lifelong dream of starting a cheerleading squad. The ensemble cast of septegenarian women (actual senior citizens, not young actresses in stage makeup!) will have you in tears of laughter and tug at your heartstrings. The best part? Poms is based on a true story.

- Mary Grace Cebrat, Culture Section Editor

The Chosen (Free Online)

So many shows that tell stories from the Bible come off as cheesy, but a new, high production quality series is genuinely binge-worthy. The Chosen is a television drama series about the life of Jesus that touts the title of largest crowdfunded TV series or film project of all time. It portrays characters in a way viewers can relate to and aims to show Jesus through the eyes of those who met him. There are currently two seasons, with more to come, and even the first episode will give you a new perspective on Jesus’ life and teachings.

- Danielle Kuboushek, Co-Founder and Head of Events and Operations

Derry Girls (Netflix)

If you're looking for an evergreen television show to bring you consistent comfort in life's lows and highs, look no further than Derry Girls. It follows four Catholic high school friends and a misfit cousin from England living in Derry, Northern Ireland on the eve of Bill Clinton's historic visit in 1995. The dialogue is sharp as a knife and lightning quick. The cast of characters are charming, quirky, and instantly endearing. Come for the fun Irish slang, stay for the geopolitical subplots. 100% guaranteed to produce belly laughs.

- Renée Roden, Sex and Relationships Section Editor

The Great British Baking Show (Netflix)

I know, I know - I’m not the first one to recommend The Great British Baking Show. With the new season premiering on September 24, however, it’s a fitting time to express love for this charming show. Even if you aren’t into baking, the British wit, calm atmosphere, and spirit of teamwork between the contestants all make it worth watching. If you are into baking (or want to be!), the show is a great source of inspiration and knowledge to hone your skills.

- Amanda Bambury, Co-Founder and Managing Editor

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Mary Grace Cebrat

Content Advisor, 2021-present

Mary Grace Cebrat attended college at Washington University in St. Louis, where she studied religion and politics, with a special focus on 21st century Catholic feminism. She now works with K-12 students as an academic coach and is back in school to get her MSW. When she's not working, you can find her roadtripping across the Midwest with her newlywed husband, Tomek. Her other hobbies include playing New York Times word games, baking sweet treats, and looking at aspirational houses on Zillow.

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