September Book Club: Purple Hibiscus
Tuesday, August 30, 2022

From the bestselling author of Americanah and We Should All Be Feminists. The intersection of faith, power, abuse, and freedom is a tale as old as time and all too familiar today. The ways in which these themes are intermingled profoundly shape our experiences with religion, family, and society. It is at this intersection that we meet Kambili, the main character of our September pick, Purple Hibiscus by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

A 15 year old girl whose life is dictated by her rigidly religious father, Kambili finds herself questioning the way things are at home alongside her brother Jaja after spending time with her equally devout but less strict aunt and cousins. As Kambili begins to explore and question the faith that has been narrowly defined for her, she has to reckon with the abusive nature of her father’s behaviors and the complicated family dynamics that have resulted from it. Can she find her voice and learn to speak for herself? How does she make her faith her own? How does she go back home with her new perspective and taste of freedom? Join us to discuss these important and relevant themes during our September book club discussion!

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