The 2021 FemCatholic Gift Guide: Shop for Any Woman in Your Life

November 24, 2021

At FemCatholic, we treasure the diversity of women in the Church and in the world.

Here are a few of our gift recommendations for any woman in your life:

For the Professional Woman

Curated by Career Section Editor Sophie-Anne Sachs

1. Rocketbook Smart Notebook

Ever heard of a reusable notebook? Well, it exists! The Rocketbook Smart Notebook is endlessly reusable and connects to all of her favorite cloud services. Digitally-transcribed notes can be searched and shared in real time, preparing her for the digital age of note-taking.

2. Self-Heating Mug

‘Tis the season to stay warm and cozy - and energized throughout the workday. This Christmas, give her the gift of keeping her drinks warm and ready for her enjoyment. The Ember smart mug allows her to control her ideal beverage’s temperature with a smartphone.

3. Mini Calendar Planner from Blessed Is She

For the woman on-the-go who wants to stay organized and grounded in her faith, this planner has dedicated pages for monthly to-do lists, notes, prayer intentions, and goal-setting. It also features saints of the day and prayer reminders to keep her connected to her faith throughout the year.  If you know a career woman who’s looking to deepen her faith, this could be the perfect gift!

For the Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Curated by Body Section Editor Kelly Sankowski 

1. Sunrise Alarm Clock

With winter around the corner, it can be a challenge to wake up for early-morning workout routines. Sunrise alarm clocks help regulate our circadian rhythm and promote healthy cortisol levels, making waking up feel more natural even if it’s still pitch black outside. If you want to splurge, check out the Hatch, which has additional sleep-promoting features to make sure she gets the sleep she needs. Or if you’re focusing on the sunrise light as the main feature - and want to pay about a quarter of the price - check out the hOmeLabs alarm. Our Managing Editor, Amanda, is a huge fan of her sunrise alarm clock and highly recommends it for fellow not-morning-people.

2. Water Bottle

Most of us have heard that we’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water per day, and water intake is even more important if we’re consistently exercising. This is hard to keep track of, so why not get a water bottle that does it for you? You can find lots of creative versions of this (and support small businesses!) on Etsy.

3. Dry Shampoo

To help her get ready on the go after a workout, give her a bottle of dry shampoo. This bottle is cruelty-free and not in an aerosol bottle, so she can care for animals and the environment while she takes care of herself.

For the Global Citizen

Curated by Culture Section Editor Mary Grace Cebrat

1. Shop fair trade.

The global citizen recognizes the dignity of all people, regardless of where they live. Shopping fair trade means ensuring that the artisans who created your goods are paid a fair wage and work in safe conditions. Online fair trade shops like The Little Market and SERRV make shopping ethically as easy as ordering from Amazon. We recommend these cozy sweater season ornaments, this gorgeous eco-leather purse, or a classic tea and mug combo.

PS: Shopping fair trade doesn’t mean breaking the bank! There are plenty of options that are both ethical and budget-friendly.

2. Support women in her honor.

Growing up, my parents had a tradition of supporting charities in our honor based on what we were into. For instance, my Bob the Builder-obsessed little brother would get a donation to Habitat for Humanity, and my budding feminist self would get a school uniform for a girl in the developing world. 

Show your friend that you support her activism by donating to a cause that is close to her heart. We recommend microloans for women entrepreneurs through Kiva, welcoming kits for trafficking survivors through Catholic Relief Services, or a flock of chicks through Heifer. 

3. Help her stay connected.

There are few worse experiences for avid news consumers than seeing an interesting headline, clicking it, and getting stuck behind a paywall. Consider buying your friend a subscription to her favorite magazine or news source for a gift that will keep giving year-round. We love The Atlantic, America, and of course, FemCatholic

For the Woman Passionate about her Faith

Curated by Church Section Editor Victoria Mastrangelo

1. Every Sacred Sunday Mass Journal

If your friend is looking for a way to pray more with the Bible or to really engage in Mass, this is a great tool. It includes the readings for all Sundays, along with beautiful watercolor prints and space for journaling with each set of readings.

2. Brick House in The City

Lauren designs t-shirts, sweatshirts, and home and kitchen goods with modern and attractive designs that make it easier for your friend to include beauty in her everyday life. If she appreciates ways to display her faith in subtle and not-cheesy ways, Lauren has a design for her!

3. Modern Saint Icons by Gracie

Does your friend love the saints but not the usual paintings (or icons) that portray them? She can decorate her home, office, or prayer space with these modern portraits of the saints that remind us that the saints could be any one of us.

For the People Person

Curated by Sex & Relationships Section Editor Renee Roden 

1. Literary Magazines

Give someone in your life the gift of a subscription to the same magazine as yourself. Not only can you learn a lot about history, literature, and global affairs, but you also give the gift of talking about the same ideas with friends and relatives. Our Section Editor, Renée, funds London Review of Books subscriptions for her grandmother and one of her dearest friends, and it brings so much delight to their relationships.

We recommend Harper’s, Paris Review, London Review of Books, and n+ 1.

2. The Hygge Game

For the friend who loves deep conversations and getting to know people better, either as a party ice-breaker or for a cozy after-dinner activity with family and friends. This game offers a chance to get to know the people around you in a new way.

3. Heirloom

A new app that allows you to ask your loved ones questions you've always wanted to ask (see a theme here?) and preserve their stories in film. Great for memory-making and the family tree nerd.

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