The issue of abortion is not simple. Pro-choice and pro-life people are both equally convinced of the virtue in their stance, and many people fall somewhere in the middle. The topic of abortion rouses up deep emotions inside of everyone, no matter where they stand, and the depth of thought and emotion stirred by these complex and personal topics often turn meaningful dialogue into useless or hurtful battles. 

How do we better understand and converse with coworkers, family, and friends? 

How do we sort through the nuances of our own opinions on such a complicated topic? 

How do we better help women?

Linda Couri is a former pro-choice advocate and employee of Planned Parenthood, so she has experienced the depth of thought and certainty of conviction on both sides of the abortion issue. In her self described “uncomfortable conversion” to being pro-life, Linda has had the benefit of genuinely exploring the values, goals, and motivations behind being pro-choice. Now she references her own life story to create the opportunity for useful and honest dialogue between people who find themselves divided by the issue of abortion.

Join us for a live workshop on Monday July 25 from 1pm CST.

Watch the recording.

Linda Couri has her Master’s Degree in Social Work and her doctoral degree in Ministry.  She is the Director for the Institute for Pastoral Leadership for the Archdiocese of Chicago and is Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology at Mundelein Seminary. She is a wife and the mother of two young boys.  

Watch the recording.

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