Be My Hands: A Catholic Feminist's Journey to Learning How to Love Well

My talk presents my journey with love, sexuality, and relationships and how I moved from doing what felt good and/or what I figured "everyone else was doing", to moving into a place of truly inviting Christ to be my hands, my heart, my eyes, my words, etc. Just as Teresa of Avila writes, "Christ has no body now but yours", I have come to find great peace, hope, and joy in invoking this prayer in my romantic life. I will share about how I came to a renewed sense of chastity, how my experiences with Jesus and the Sacraments intersected with that, how the 12 steps have influenced my faith and relationships, and how I practically live out love in action through Ignatian discernment. I will also connect my talk with my musical vocation and how my last EP Be My Hands was written as an arc of my journey with chastity and recovery.

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