Meg Hunter-Kilmer

Meg Hunter-Kilmer is an itinerant missionary and storyteller who travels the world telling people about the fierce and tender love of God. You can read more of her work in her books: Saints Around the World (an international Saint storybook for children) and Pray for Us: 75 Saints Who Sinned, Suffered, and Struggled on Their Way to Holiness.

Meg Hunter-Kilmer is a hobo missionary. After 2 theology degrees from Notre Dame and 5 years as a high school religion teacher, she quit her job in 2012 to live out of her car and preach the Gospel to anyone who would listen. 50 states and 20 countries later, this seems to have been a less ridiculous decision than she initially thought. Meg blogs at and at Aleteia, though she’s much more prolific on Instagram and Facebook. We are so inspired by Meg’s witness to the power of women in the Church, and her insights on the truth about women’s roles in Catholicism. We’re honored to host her to speak on the vast diversity of femininity in the Church.

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