Do you feel like you always find yourself in relationships with really strong or demanding personalities, or that there is just no room for your wants and needs? 

Do you feel like everyone relies on *you* or that it’s important to compromise your needs for the good of a relationship? 

Do you tend to “lose yourself” in relationships or friendships, taking on the interests of that person and lessening things you used to love?

If you could relate to any one of these questions, the issue may not be the relationship - it may actually be… boundaries! Join us for an hour that could revolutionize your relationships as licensed counselor Julia Marie Hogan-Werner simplifies how to identify, set, and communicate boundaries so you can fully be yourself and thrive. Learn about the different types of boundaries we all need, examples of how to communicate and enforce boundaries, and open Q&A with Julia to ask your personal questions.

Join us for a live workshop on Tuesday, July 5 from 8-9pm CST.

Register to join here.

Julia Marie Hogan-Werner is a counselor in Chicago and owner of Vita Optimum Counseling & Consulting, LLC. She also leads workshops and writes on topics related to self-care, relationships and mental health. Her first book, It's Ok to Start with You, is all about the power of embracing your authentic self through self-care. Her second book, A Work in Progress: Embracing the Life God Gave You, is all the tools you need to live a meaningful life. She is passionate about empowering individuals to be their most authentic selves. You can find more of her writing online at

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