For too long, sex ed has been male-focused, too vague, or entirely nonexistent. We want to fix that. 

You told us:

It’s so hard to find *female centered* information about sex
My sex ed growing up was nonexistent
There is so much taboo around female desire
I was told all my life that sex was bad, bad, bad. Now that I’m married, how am I supposed to just flip a switch?
I have no idea how to communicate my needs during sex to my husband  
I see women being pressured into sex as a service rather than truly desiring each other.. and who feel guilty advocating for themselves  
In marriage prep we learned about how to chart your cycle but not how to actually be intimate
Sex is painful sometimes, and I guess that’s just normal for some women (*it’s not!!!)​
These are definitely not things I can Google
I need a safe space to ask questions I feel like I should already know the answer to​

To all of you who gave this feedback - you are definitely not alone.

We created this new pilot program for you:

You're Invited to FemCatholic Sex Ed: Honest Conversations for Women, from Women 

🌟 Unlock the Truth About Your God-Given Sexuality 🌟

Our mission is simple but significant: to educate and ignite meaningful conversations among women about sex from a female-centered and values-based perspective.

Explore the FC Sex Ed Expert Video Library featuring 8 modules, ~20 min each:

Get a trusted perspective from FemCatholic experts on topics like:

🚺 Female Anatomy and Common Medical Issues

💬 Identifying Sexual Scripts and Shame

🌟 The Foundations of Female Arousal

🧠 Female Pleasure and Purity: De-Programming from Purity Culture

❤️ Mastering the Art of Effective Communication Regarding Sexual Needs

🩺 Multifaceted Modalities for Managing Pelvic Pain

📅 Addressing Issues with Libido

📢 FREE BONUS: When Women Say Yes: Consent in Sex and Love - Keynote from the 2019 FemCatholic Conference

Featured Experts

Hand selected for you - to speak into the areas of sexuality you said are most challenging, right now. They are professional experts in their field, but are also practicing Catholics who have a passion for women's wellbeing:

🎤 Dr. Julia Sadusky, Licensed Clinical Psychologist with specialties in sex therapy and trauma-informed care

🎤 Dr. Denise Montagnino, OBGYN in both private and academic practice for over 10 years

🎤 Dr. Emily Jurschak, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and Owner of Fiat Physical Therapy

🎤 Regina Boyd, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Founder of Boyd Counseling Services

🎤 Emily Frase, Founder of TotalWhine and Sex & Family Planning Coach

🎤 Rachael Killackey, Founder & Executive Director of Magdala Ministries where women can find hope, healing, and freedom alongside each other from sexual addiction

Join the Private Pop-Up Forum for Discussion 👥

All ticket holders will gain exclusive access to our private pop-up FemCatholic Slack channel for the duration of the course. It's a safe, intimate space to explore these crucial conversations.

Your participation in our pilot Sex Ed event is invaluable. Together, we'll bring essential information about women's experiences around sex to light, initiate vital conversations within the Church about women's sexuality, and gather feedback to shape our future programming.

📖 Keep the Summary Workbook Forever as a Reference

Participants will also receive a downloadable workbook with key points and reflection questions from each talk.

💪 We Know Women Deserve Better Resources

Unlike other resources on sex that fail to provide a holistic and honest female perspective, FemCatholic Sex Ed empowers you with root causes and tangible guidance on how to enjoy sex the way God intended for women.

Whether you are single, dating, or married, FemCatholic connects you with experts and other women like you to access the practical guidance you need.

🎟️ Reserve Your Spot Today

Don't miss the opportunity to engage in honest, transformative conversations about sex from experts you can trust.

Join us for FemCatholic Sex Ed as we embark on this empowering journey together - for women, and for the Church.

Our Oct 2023 Cohort is Closed.

🌟Click here to get on the waitlist for the next one. 🌟

🎓 Scholarships

Some of you have asked about opportunities to donate to make this content accessible to more women. You can donate towards scholarships below to allow other women to attend this event for free.

Individuals in need of scholarships, please submit your application here. You will be notified as scholarships become available.


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