At its most basic, prayer is communication with God. We each have our own communication styles in our work, friendships, and other relationships – and it’s the same with our prayer life. How we communicate with God is rooted in who we are, and it can take some time to discover for ourselves. In the Catholic Church, there are many schools of spirituality that can offer a “spirituality type” that aligns with your needs, desires, and personality. Not sure where to start? Take our prayer style quiz to discover which may be your “spirituality type” and learn ways to start practicing it.

Prayer Style Quiz

1. When working on a project, which role do you take?

a.  Project manager keeping everyone organized

b.  Creative brainstormer

c.  Catalyst that starts the project and motivates the team

d.  The behind-the-scenes helper 

2. When it comes to facing challenges, you:

a.  Seek a challenge and face it head on

b.  Avoid challenges as much as possible 

c.  Respond impulsively to challenges 

d.  Carefully plan and then respond to challenges 

3. In your friend group, you act as the:

a.  Leader 

b.  Peacemaker

c.  Risk taker

d.  Caretaker 

4. You would say one of your strengths is:

a.  A logical mind

b.  Strong integrity

c.  Flexibility or adaptability 

d.  A strong work ethic

5. A particular weakness you struggle with is:

a.  Self-doubt or imposter syndrome

b.  Being too outspoken

c.  Getting bored easily

d.  Tendency toward pessimism 

6. An outsider may see you as:

a.  Demanding 

b.  Needy

c.  A boundary pusher

d.  Too serious

7. Your friends would describe you as:

a.  Clever and original

b.  Empathetic and personable

c.  Adventurous and playful

d.  Dependable and devoted

Quiz Results and Prayer Practices 

Count how many As, Bs, Cs, and Ds you circled to determine which letter you chose the most. Then, find your prayer style and give one of the prayer practices a try!

Mostly As = Thomistic Prayer Style

Characteristics of this spirituality:

Prefers orderly, routine, and organized prayers

Focused on growing close to God through self-discipline and intellectual pursuits 

Prayer practices:

Lectio Divina 

Intercessory prayer

Spiritual reading

Mostly Bs = Augustinian Prayer Style

Characteristics of this spirituality:

Prefers symbolism and imagery in prayer

Focused on deepening understanding of being created and loved by God

Prayer practices:


Visio Divina (prayer with images)

Meditating on the Creation stories in Genesis 1-2 or Psalm 139

Mostly Cs = Franciscan Prayer Style

Characteristics of this spirituality:

Prefers prayer that is free-form and spontaneous or lived out

Focused on growing close to God through the senses, the Incarnation, and in service to others 

Prayer practices:

Extemporaneous prayer

Meditating on the Sermon on the Mount (Mathew 5-7)

Praying St. Francis’s ”Canticle of Creatures” or other prayers reflecting on the beauty of creation

Mostly Ds = Ignatian Prayer Style

Characteristics of this spirituality:

Prefers organized prayer that works with the imagination or the senses 

Focused on growing close to God through traditional practices and the practical living of the Gospel

Prayer practices:


Imaginative Prayer

The Examen

Author’s Note: This quiz has been adapted from the ideas found in Prayer & Temperament: Different Prayer Forms for Different Personality Types by Chester P. Michael and Marie C. Norrisey.

Victoria Mastrangelo

Educational Content Producer, 2019-present

Victoria Mastrangelo is a wife, mother of 3 girls, and high school campus minister at an all-girls’ school in Houston, TX. She is super nerdy and loves reading multiple books at once, trivia, podcasts, writing, and great coffee. She has a B.A. in Theology from the University of Dallas and an M.A. in Theological Studies from the University of St. Thomas (Houston). Being surrounded by so many awesome young women grows her passion for Catholic feminism daily. Her search for truth and beauty led her to a profound love of Christ, His Church, and the feminine genius. Victoria hopes that FemCatholic continues to inspire conversations and inspire women to find that same love for Christ, the Church, and their unique way of living our their feminine genius.

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