December 31, 2021

December 31, 2021: Our Most Popular Posts in 2021

Looking back on our biggest year, yet!

FemCatholic is passionate about bringing you the stories and advice you really want. In summer 2021, we hired five section editors and started publishing more articles than ever. And our commitment to creating impactful content for Catholic women led to us winning the OSV Innovation Challenge in September.

Our work has always been about YOU. Here are the pieces from each section that you read and shared the most this year:

1. We Need Better Support for Women Working Outside the Home
2. Back to the Office? 3 Steps to Achieving a Work-Life Balance
3. Dorothy Day and the History of Labor Day

1. Does the Bible Really Say "Wives Be Subordinate"?
2. St. Hildegard & The Fight Against Imposter Syndrome
3. What Does the Church Teach About Abortion When it Comes to Maternal Health?

1. The Real Reason Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” Resonates with so Many of Us
2. The Best (and Healthiest) Holiday Romance Movies
3. The Problem with “Girl-Power” Cinderella Reboots

1. Here's Why Modesty Is About More than Clothing
2. Cycle-Syncing Exercise: What It Is and How to Do It
3. Here's What’s Missing from the Conversation around Women’s Dress Codes

Sex & Relationships
1. 8 Busted Myths About Dating as a Catholic
2. Q&A with Catholic Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Dr. Jillian Stecklein
3. 5 Questions About Sex to Ask Before Marriage

What topics would you love to see covered in 2022? Let us know!

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