February 18, 2022

February 18, 2022: Why 'Black Health and Wellness' is such an important theme for Black History Month

A time to celebrate our Black sisters

For all of us, this month can be an opportunity to learn so that you can have the joy of knowing your Black sisters better. There are so many amazing Black women! This is such a great opportunity to learn about the history that in a particular way has affected them and affected all of us.

A theme close to our hearts
This year’s theme is ‘Black Health and Wellness’ — a topic that is so important, especially for black women. Did you know that Black mothers in the United States are three to four times as likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than white women?

The more we can reckon with the reality of privilege when it comes to pregnancy, the more we can support Black moms-to-be.

February may be a short month...
But even after Black History Month, it’s important to keep the conversation going. It’s especially important to raise these issues in our Catholic communities and discuss racial injustice in light of our faith and tradition of social teaching. Here are seven tips on how to facilitate conversations on race and the Catholic faith.

Two women are leading the way
Last month we profiled Chenele Shaw and Maria Benes, co-founders of the Before Gethsemane Initiative. When they launched this new organization to shine the light on Catholic teaching on racism, we were inspired by how these founders were upfront about what they believe is the source of unity and healing from racism’s wounds.

Here are a few other top picks for the week...

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Where society has told Black people to “be quiet”, or that we’re “too loud”, reveling in joy is an act of resistance and can help with healing.

WATCH: How To Fight Racism by Jemar Tisby (FemCatholic Book Club)

We are called to fight for equality for all women and to help remove the obstacles that stand in their way — including racism.

FOLLOW: 10 Black Catholic Women to Follow on Social Media

To celebrate Black History Month, we’re highlighting ten Black Catholic women who provide a much-needed voice in the Church.

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