January 7, 2022

January 7, 2022: How we're starting the new year (resolutions or not)

New year, new you (same you, though!)

It's the start of a new year and hundreds of you told us on Instagram that you're making resolutions to start the year. (Our team is, too!) One of our goals for 2022 is to continue giving you stories and insights that you really want, so we Googled the top 5 most common resolutions, and have some advice to support each one.

If you are resolved to...
...Exercise more — learn about Cycle-Syncing Exercise to better support your unique female physiology.

...Jumpstart your prayer life — pick one of these routines and commit to doing it for a week

...Improve your mental health — here are the first four steps you can take to begin prioritizing this in your daily life

...Manage your money — we've got four tips for engaged couples who are navigating their approach to joint finances

...Give up hormonal birth control — here are three fertility awareness methods for you to consider

Not into resolutions?
Here are three books that can help heal your relationship with food. Or maybe your resolution is to be more body-positive? Here's how to lose the weight of trying to change your body. Instead of a resolution, maybe try a January habit, like Dry January.

Here are a few other top picks for the week...

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Did Pope Francis actually call childless couples selfish? Does he believe that those who opt for pets over kids “diminish their humanity”? What did he really mean?

LISTEN: What's Changed about How We Show Up at Work
Which feelings (and shoes) are work-appropriate these days? How do return-to-office mandates compromise the authenticity of employees who prefer to stay remote?

WATCH: The Absorption of Shame
Shame has a dual purpose for the human person - positive and negative. This talk will explore shame and how it relates to the woman, how we can learn to embrace and overcome shame.

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