FemCatholic is a media company for women and for the Church. Our mission is to start conversations on topics that are deeply relevant to women’s lives and to explore how the Catholic Church can support and empower women. After winning the OSV Innovation Challenge in 2021, FemCatholic launched a groundbreaking report on the state of maternity leave as offered by Catholic dioceses across the United States. Since the report was released in March 2022, multiple dioceses have advanced their paid leave policies. Other regular content includes highlighting experts on women’s health, careers, sex & relationships, culture, and faith.

FemCatholic is seeking writers and journalists to join our FemCatholic Freelance Network. Members of the network will have access to a private discussion group and the opportunity to regularly pitch story ideas to the FemCatholic editorial team. FemCatholic editors will also pitch story ideas directly to this group. Small stipends are available, commensurate with the length and amount of reporting per piece and the experience of the writer. 

Deadline to apply is August 8, 2022. A limited number of applicants will be selected at this time.

Apply here.

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