America is one of the only nations in the world without federally mandated paid leave, leaving the options to do so in the hands of families, companies, and other individual organizations. We'll discuss how to strategically approach your organization on advancing paid leave policies to support women, their children, and families. Join Samantha Povlock and Christina Gebel for strategies on how to plan your approach, raise the issue, and have the conversation to change policies. 

Watch the recording here.

Samantha Povlock is the Founder of FemCatholic, a media company whose reporting on paid leave in the United States started a national conversation and resulted in multiple dioceses already advancing policies. Samantha has navigated paid leave at a Big 4 Accounting Firm and at an international bank, where she also helped start a cross border Parents Initiative to raise conversations about the diverse needs of parents. 

Christina Gebel, MPH, LCCE is a Maternal and Child Health research and policy consultant, trained doula, and lifelong Catholic. She co-founded a community-based nonprofit providing fully-funded doula care for families in Massachusetts without access to doulas. Christina previously worked as a state Maternal and Infant Health Director at Massachusetts March of Dimes, where she helped to introduce multiple maternal health bills, including a bill that would include doulas as a paid benefit through Medicaid, while serving on several state-wide workgroups. She currently resides in Durham, NC with her husband, Raman, a family medicine physician. 

Join us for a live workshop on Monday Aug 29th at 8:30pm EST. 

Watch the recording here.

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