August 7, 2021

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How We're Celebrating Edith Stein on Monday

August 9 is the feast day of Edith Stein, a.k.a. St. Teresa Benedict of the Cross, a.k.a. patron saint of FemCatholic. We picked her day to announce new developments that will help us carry out our mission for women and for the Church.

What was she known for?
Edith has always inspired us because literally almost a hundred years ago she was giving speeches on women’s equality to Catholic groups around Europe. She was a legit philosopher in her field, but experienced discrimination and wasn't able to get the same jobs as men - still, she kept using her intellect.

After reading the autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila, Edith became Catholic (she was agnostic Jewish before) and joined the Carmelite Order as a religious sister. In 1942, she was killed by Nazis at Auschwitz.

The church canonized her just over 50 years later (which is super quick!). 🙌

If you don't know, now you know
Throughout her life, Edith never stopped pondering the role of women in the world and in the Church. She wrote, "We cannot evade the question as to what we are and what we should be."

In her writing after becoming Catholic, Edith championed forming the feminine soul, which helped inspire our series on "The Feminine Genius at Work."

Brilliant Catholic Feminists are still at work today
Actually, we should all be. And it doesn't mean you have to choose between women and the Church. (Can I get a both/and?!)

Here are a few other top picks for the week...

READ: Two New Books Celebrate the Diversity of Women
These books illustrate the countless ways in which women live out their gifts every day. They feature letters written by women in a variety of professions, and in both secular and Catholic organizations.

WATCH: Meghan Markle calls for female mentorship on her 40th birthday
In a funny video with comedian Melissa McCarthy, the Duchess of Sussex launched a new initiative called 40x40 that encourages more women mentoring women in a "global wave of service."

LISTEN: Edith Stein and the Feminine Soul
This talk by Catherine Pakuluk (Professor of Social Research and Economic Thought) is a great overview on the life and legacy of our girl, Edith Stein. She shares six key takeaways from Edith's writing on women and the Church.

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