November 19, 2021

November 19, 2021: Let’s Hang Out This Weekend

I was feeling stuck until I remembered this three-step process.

Hi, it’s Sam, Founder of FemCatholic. This week I decided to write you a quick note because I remembered something that has helped me SO MUCH in the past, and I wanted to tell you about it.

In two short weeks, I’m finishing maternity leave and going back to my 9-5 in Corporate America. Work pays the bills, but sometimes it just feels like a grind. Especially during the pandemic-that-never-ends.

But on Tuesday I had a call with a colleague that really sparked joy in me at the thought of going back to work. Here’s why: two years ago, I met another mom at work and realized that while I’ve always used my gift for organizing group events at Church, I had never tapped into this gift at my day job. So I decided to take one small step and create a Parents Coffee Chat.

Fast Forward two years (and one pandemic) later, and our Parents' Group at my company has grown enterprise-wide and gained support from all across the organization. But most importantly, it’s an outlet for me that brings me so much joy and energy.

I posted about this on Instagram and it sounds like a lot of you would like to learn more about how to discern the one small thing that will bring you joy. So if you want to join, this weekend I’m going to host a mini-series on “Finding your FIAT” — a.k.a. the one thing that will bring you joy right now.

Starting Friday, I’ll make one video a day and share more about my process for discerning these “Little Yeses” in my life, and by Sunday you can commit to a “Little Yes” of your own leading up to the Holidays. You will also get to be part of a community of other women just like you. It’ll be a blast!

Not sure if or when we will do this again, but if you’re in for this weekend, join here.

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