November 7, 2021

November 5, 2021: Pope Francis is speaking up about burnout this month

How are you, really?

“How are you this week?”
“I just finished crying about stress and life lol. How are you?”
“I’m getting my butt kicked. 12-15 hour work days.”
“Yup. Same.”

Can't shake the burnout
If you’re feeling stressed, you’re not alone. The collective trauma of the past 20 months is weighing on all of us. And while we don’t have the isolation of a total shutdown as our present reality, there are new stressors like navigating a return to the office or balancing risk versus a return to “normal.” Not to mention that the responsibility of caring for others tends to fall to women.

*and breathe*

Why are we feeling like this?
There are a lot of factors, but this week author and psychologist Adam Grant reminded us that they aren’t all bad. “Burnout isn't due to a lack of motivation. It's caused by a shortage of capacity. There are more interesting people and projects than hours in the day,” he tweeted.

It’s a good reminder to take a step back, think about what things are pushing the limits of our capacity, and see if there are adjustments that can be made.

If nothing else, you can accept the truth that time is finite. You’re only human: you need sleep, exercise, water, and nourishing food — just like the rest of us. There’s no shame in closing your laptop or turning off email notifications for the weekend so you can take care of yourself.

The Church is recognizing the issue
Did you know that every month Pope Francis has a special prayer intentional for the global Church? This month was for people struggling with depression and burnout, but many people picked up on the language in his prayer that focused on stress and overworking, especially.

If you’re like us and struggling, remember the pope (and the whole Church) is praying especially for you this month. And don’t forget that you can pray to ask God for help when you’re feeling overwhelmed, too.

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